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Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Sales

Worldwide marketing capabilities with partners and representatives around the world

Aircraft Acquisition

Finding the best possible aircraft to suit your needs

Aircraft Financing

Offering the best terms and conditions in the USA and Latin America

Consulting Services

Advising on aircraft import/export, appraisals, FAA processes, etc.

About Us


We offer the private aviation industry the best consulting services from aircraft brokering and financing consulting, to appraisals and general aviation consulting. Our consulting services include assisting in the selection of the appropriate aircraft model to suit our client’s mission, needs and budget, handling the import/export of an aircraft, assisting in contracts preparation and negotiation, overviewing pre-purchase inspections protecting our clients interests, and handling of FAA processes for N registered aircraft based in or out of the USA, among others.


We offer our services around the globe, with a significant concentration of our deals involving clients in the USA and/or Latin America.

We are also part of an international network of industry leaders in several countries that provides support and assistance to our sales and marketing efforts around the globe, and to find the best “off-market” deals in the market, regardless if it is in 5,000 miles away.

We are proud to provide professional and personalized services to our clients through technical knowledge, technological tools, up to the minute detailed market data and worldwide capabilities, to sell at the best possible price, find the finest aircraft with the best value anywhere in the world, obtain the best financing terms and conditions and provide a positive, hassle free experience to our clients.


With a combined experience of over 20 years, we have been part of numerous aircraft transactions, mostly involving Business Jets,  Turboprops and Helicopters, new and used, in the USA and around the world.

Through the years we have established strong relationships and partnerships with principal players in the Aviation Industry like; Aircraft Manufacturers, Maintenance Companies, Financing Institutions, and Insurance Agencies; in order to better assist you in reaching the best possible services you may require.

We will help you overcome the hassles and time consuming details of these very complicated transactions.

Our reputation and relationships in the industry are our best presentation card!



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Miami, Florida

Houston, Texas

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Phone: (305) 921-9183

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